Bulgaria is a EU member state located in Eastern Europe, which offers a wide range of location variety.

It has a rich history that can be seen in many monasteries, castles and Roman ruins. Various cities can double for many European Cities while the capital, Sofia is a modern city with many historical landmarks. The city also presents ample opportunities to simulate a wide range of international locations with its varied architectural styles on display. The Pirin and Rila mountains, with their high snowy peaks and ski resorts, can easily pass as the Alps. On the Black Sea coast, Varna can double for French Riviera locations, while the beaches can play as the Greek Islands or double for the Los Angeles coast during the warm summer months.

The country’s relatively small territory keeps logistics easy, even the furthest locations are a couple of hours drive away. To get an idea of what Bulgarian locations can look like, have a look here.

The Weather in Bulgaria

The continental climate with its full four seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter, make the country a favorite shooting location for many international filmmakers.

In addition, over the years big international movie projects have created various large standing sets such as Roman, Middle age castles and old New York streets, which are available for rental. There are also a number of class A studio complexes and a 20m. x 20m. x 6m. water tank, within the city of Sofia.


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